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This blog is run by  Patrimoine Sportif et Mécanique, an association working to keep alive the memory of the Autodrome of Linas Montlhéry. It wishes to make more people aware of the historical importance of this famous track.
We are trying to rally all those, individuals and organizations alike, who feel that the Autodrome is really an historical place and that everything should be done to gather and preserve documents about its history. Our goal is to try to set up a spot where documents and other archives about the Autodrome could be preserved and shown.
This blog is open to all those who would like to contribute to this noble cause. We will publish here all information and news about the Autodrome, its founders and its many users over the years.
You can contribute by adding your documents, pictures, stories. It is vital that all those who would have original and unknown documents make them available.
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31 janvier 2011 1 31 /01 /janvier /2011 11:41

CP-GTP-28-01-2011_Page_1.jpgPrestige in a select group


Because driving around Linas Montlhéry mythical track is a treat, fifty cars (not one more) will be privileged to participate in the 2nd edition of the GT Prestige, the supercar and prestigious car meeting at Montlhéry Autodrome.


On May 28, GTs,supercars and exceptional cars will have access to the old 3.405 km circuit, a unique combination of tracks in France.


Select group means a tailor made meeting: various possibilities will be offered to make sure that each participant enjoys a totally personalized day. Full day, half day, with or without passengers, each participant can choose what suits him/her best. Professional instructors will be present to complete this tailor made meeting. These highly qualified  professionals will provide each driver with personalized advice and driving tricks.


Cars totalling 4065 HP are already registered. Audi R8, Ferrari Enzo,  Ford GT 500, Porsche will be there.


This exceptional grid will be completed by the Club Scuderia members who have decided to join the event to make it a very special day in their calendar.


A word with Karim Bentala, President of the Club Scuderia:


What is the idea behind the Club Scuderia ?

Above all the Club Scuderia is a "cavallino rampante" fan club. We deliberately want the club to be open to share this common love. It was created in March 2010 and it already counts 150 members. We are very keen on keeping a friendly, relaxed and informal atmosphere. Each event is an opportunity to meet and share this common love, to discover the world of Ferraris by accessing symbolic places of the history of the marque such as Maranello but also to keep in touch with current events by visiting the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.


Why did the Club Scuderia decide to become a partner in the GT  Prestige in 2011 ?


We were privileged to participate in the first GT Prestige edition in 2010. It was a very pleasant day and it became obvious that we had to offer it  to our members as an open event which combines such advantages as a restricted number of participants, coaching by qualified professionals, vicinity of Paris, access to a mythical place such as the magical 3.405 km circuit.


Our partnership goes beyond just attending the meeting. We are happy to see that the track which is a part of  the history of  automobile is coming to life again  and we are really proud to offer such a playground to our members. This is a rare opportunity to promote such a historical and exceptional place. Driving at Montlhéry is a unique experience which is impossible to recount, it has to be lived. 



To what extent is the GT Prestige  a highlight in your calendar ?


It is not only one of the major events in the club calendar, it also meets perfectly well the club values : simplicity, availability and security.


More info on the club : www.club-scuderia.fr


Watch the  GT Prestige at  


 Réalisation R.Com Production - www.motorcollectors.tv


Registration at  www.utac.com rubrique CALENDRIER


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