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This blog is run by  Patrimoine Sportif et Mécanique, an association working to keep alive the memory of the Autodrome of Linas Montlhéry. It wishes to make more people aware of the historical importance of this famous track.
We are trying to rally all those, individuals and organizations alike, who feel that the Autodrome is really an historical place and that everything should be done to gather and preserve documents about its history. Our goal is to try to set up a spot where documents and other archives about the Autodrome could be preserved and shown.
This blog is open to all those who would like to contribute to this noble cause. We will publish here all information and news about the Autodrome, its founders and its many users over the years.
You can contribute by adding your documents, pictures, stories. It is vital that all those who would have original and unknown documents make them available.
Our dedicated team will guarantee the quality and the contents of this site



22 janvier 2010 5 22 /01 /janvier /2010 08:50

AHF.JPG  Meeting to be held June 5, 2010 
on the Paris Autodrome near Linas Montlhéry in France

Registration of old vehicles are on this page : 

The price are different by type of vehicles and are only displayed when you put 
the model year of your car according to its category. 

Under club enter the club code that is communicated to you 
from your club, or nothing. 

At the end of regulation to view the check and acceptance 
to validate (the button is grayed out but it works). 

Picture in Jpeg format only.

If you want to join our group dedicated to vehicle years 
1910-1930, in period costume, the club code is "20PANNETIER" 

but preventing me, it remains only 9 vehicles in our group (auto, motorcycle, 
We are in Heritage Class.

Note the number of vehicles is limited!

You can also register as a visitor only at Autodrome Heritage Festival

Attention unlike previous years entries are paying!

The price is 20 Euros per car, parking included
Valid for one vehicle and all its passengers
Visitor registration form here :


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