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This blog is run by  Patrimoine Sportif et Mécanique, an association working to keep alive the memory of the Autodrome of Linas Montlhéry. It wishes to make more people aware of the historical importance of this famous track.
We are trying to rally all those, individuals and organizations alike, who feel that the Autodrome is really an historical place and that everything should be done to gather and preserve documents about its history. Our goal is to try to set up a spot where documents and other archives about the Autodrome could be preserved and shown.
This blog is open to all those who would like to contribute to this noble cause. We will publish here all information and news about the Autodrome, its founders and its many users over the years.
You can contribute by adding your documents, pictures, stories. It is vital that all those who would have original and unknown documents make them available.
Our dedicated team will guarantee the quality and the contents of this site



1 février 2012 3 01 /02 /février /2012 21:17



Montlhéry années folleslogo autodream

For the third edition of the Autodrome Heritage Festival which will take place  on June 2, 2012, The Autodream Club of  Montlhéry, are preparing a period group to recreate the atmosphere of the track in its early days from 1924 to 1949

    To do so we are getting together several  dozens of vehicles : buses, cars, cyclecars, motorbikes, mopeds, bicycles,... (the only mixed group) from the 1920-1949 period, with participants in period dress.  


The group is open to anybody so  contact us to get the registration code. Invite your friends  , and if you kow of persons or clubs who would like to join please phone  06 21 81 16 09 or e-mail me at  memoireenroute@free.fr, for more details.


   Entry fee  : 80 €/vehicle including 2 access tickets, 2 meals, access to the track for two sessions + final parade




This year the theme of our group will be  "lady drivers in the roaring twenties" 




Attention,  places are limited so book early !


   If you wish to participate or if you know anybody who does , eligible vehicles are  cars,cyclecars, motorbikes, mopeds, bicycles and light duty vehicles from 1918 to 1949 (with drivers/riders and passengers in period dress if they wish  ). 


 Vehicle registration :   ( club code  PAN20) :


  on the calendar page

1- click on 12 juin 2012 l'AHF in les evènements 2012

2- look for the link at the bottom of the page

3-   click on  : COLLECTIONNEUR - Accès au formulaire d'inscription


      In  « Description du véhicule »

      select  Auto (even for motor bikes or mopeds)

      In  « Plateaux »     select "Avant Guerre "


      in "commentaire" specify  : "Groupe années 20 Autodream Pascal"


Attention !You must read the regulations before validating .


f you have any problem contact me for help you to memoireenroute@online.fr


      The basic 80 € fee includes two meals and ring access.


Montlhéry2010 0023LThe entry charge for spectators is 15€. Tickets are available through the France Billet network, FNAC,Carrefour booking services. No tickets will be available at the track.

Direct links to boking services :



    Our group is open to all marques marques.



Montlhéry2010 0005L  


    We invite you and your family to join us to have a good time  in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Our group is stongly inspired by the pre-war races and events  and by the atmosphere that prevailed  during the heydays of the track.

  It should allow this period to revive.

Our group will distinguish itself by a larger part of historical re-enactment in which entrants wuill participate . 

The UTAC appreciated our performance in 2010 and  2011, and we will share an exhibition stand  with the city of  Montlhéry on the theme of
"lady drivers in the roaring twenties" .



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18 décembre 2011 7 18 /12 /décembre /2011 18:07





    Friday May 11,


15:00 -19:00 welcome of the participants, free evening


    Saturday May 12,


08:00 opening of the track

09:00 comulsory drivers' breefing

09:30 - 09:55 Practice - Grid  A

10:00 - 10:25 Practice - Grid  B

10:30 - 11:00 Practice - Grid  C

11:15 - 12:15 Heat #1  Ring lap

12:30 Lunch in the  paddock (Drivers' club)

14:00 - 14:25 Hea t # 1 Grand Prix de Paris - Grid  A

14:30 - 14:55 Heat # 1  Grand Prix de Paris - Grid  B

15:00-  15:25 Heat # 1  Grand Prix de Paris - Grid C

15:30 - 16:30 Heat # 1  2 Heures de Montlhéry

20: 00 Gala dinner at the Automobile Club de France - Place de la Concorde, Paris


    Sunday,  May 13


08:00 opening of the track

09:00 - 09:25 Heat  #2 Grand Prix de Paris - Grid A

09:30 - 09:55 Heat  #2 Grand Prix de Paris - Grid B

10:00 - 10:25 Heat # 2 Grand Prix de Paris - Grid C

10:30 - 11:30 Heat # 2  2 Heures de Montlhéry

11:35 - 12:30 Heat # 2 Ring lap

12:30 Lunch in the paddock (Drivers' club)

14:00 - 14:25 Final heat  Grand Prix de Paris, false Le Mans style start  - Grid A

14:45 - 15:10 Final heat Grand Prix de Paris, false Le Mans style start - Plateau B

15:30 - 16:00 Final heat Grand Prix de Paris, false Le Mans style start - Plateau C

16:15 Great final parade

16h30 Award ceremony in the paddock


    This program is provisional, it is likely to be amended




    2012 Rules

 Eligible cars

    All the cars raced at Montlhéry between 1925 and 1939 are eligible. Saloon cars ,GTs and Sport & Prototypes up to 1971 are eligible.


Models in their original race trim will be regarded with special interest.

FIA or FIVA passports are nor required.

Only continuations of the original models will  be accepted. No replicas. 



A Pre-war 1925 / 1940

B Sport & GT 1946 / 1959

C Sport & GT 1960 / 1971




    Races & classification


GRAND PRIX DE PARIS : the classification follows a three-heat free regularity basis. Four consecutive laps  will be  timed and compared in each heat. The first lap  will be used as a reference lap  to the following three. The difference will be converted into penalties that add up over the 3 heats . A coefficient of  3 will be affected to the third heat. No change of drivers will be allowed during the heats.


2 HEURES DE MONTLHERY : this event will be run in two one-hour heats, with a minimum mandatory driver and/ or car change. Each team, must consist of  either two drivers sharing the same car or  2 drivers driving two different cars. The driver change must necessarily take place between the 20th and 40th minute of each heat.. If the team is composed of two vehicles, the oldest  must start first. Classification is also based on regularity.


  RING LAPS :  participants will have to complete two launched laps of the banked oval circuit . The steadiest will be the winner.


   need to know :  each  participant can enter  as many races  as he wishes.


Contact & registration  :








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24 novembre 2011 4 24 /11 /novembre /2011 16:17

The  UTAC held a press conference last Friday to announce the programme of  meetings on the Montlhéry track in 2012. Despite the economic crisis, 2012 looks promising with lots of interesting meetings to please the fans.

The UTAC will be present for the first time at the Rétromobile show in Paris (FEB 1-5) to present its programme. It will be an excellent opportunity to get accurate information on events to come.


Five meetings will be open to the public in 2012 :

-   The  Youngtimers Club meeting

-   The GT Prestige meeting

-   The Grand Prix de Paris,

- The Autodrome Heritage Festival

- 70’s Legend


Booking is available through the France Billet network



You will find below a summary of the programme for 2012. More details will be available later on.



Track laps, 95€/half day


March 17, 2012 ORDER OF  MALTA

charity,  track laps for the sick






April 14 2012 COTE LAPIZE HISTORIQUE (historic hill climb)

Advance on-line booking

April 21, 2012 CLUB 14 DAY (bikes)




April 28 2012 YOUNGTIMERS Club

A growing trend among car collectors, Youngtimers are becoming more and more important. Together with Youngtimers Magazine, the UTAC  is putting on  the first edition of the Youngtimers Club  (April 28) This event will be dedicated to cars and bikes from 1970 to 1990. .Attractions, track laps  and youngtimer spirit will set the style for this already unforgettable meeting

Advance on-line booking.


Admission  : 10€


May 5, 2012 GT PRESTIGE

Advance on-line booking


Admission 15€




May 12&13, 2012 GRAND PRIX DE PARIS

1st Paris GP

Sports and racing cars  1925-1972

Advance on-line booking.

http://www.fnacspectacles.com/place-spectacle/manifestation/Salon-Foire-GRAND-PRIX-DE-PARIS-GTPAR.htm 15€/day, week end 20€


May 19 & 20,  2012   REAR WHEEL DRIVE FESTIVAL

Organised by  Citropropulsion in partership with  Citroën.

The idea is to get together pre-war rear-wheel drive Citroëns  for the 80th anniversary of the Citroen  Rosalie





700 cars and over  6000 people are expected inside the ring. With upgraded club spaces, a bigger village , AHF will also honor classic utilitarian  vehicles with an exclusive exhibition of decorated  vehicles. The 2012 edition will also welcome a grid of vehicles together with their  drivers in period dress, promising of unforgettable memories..

Vehicle access will partially be possible through the military camp..

Advance on-line booking





Club meeting


Hospitalized  children


June 23, 2012 .  CLASSIC BIKE DAY

Organised with the  Terrot club of Balancourt



September 8, 2012 AUTODROME RADICAL MEETING 2012

Radical vehicules from all eras.



The rally will start from the tour Eiffel and stop at the autodrome for a race on the road circuit.


September 15, 2012 RENDEZ-VOUS FERRARI (Ferrari meeting)


September 16, 2012 CLIO V6 PASSION

Club meeting


September 22 &23, 2012  FESTIVAL RENAULT

Organised  par Renault Classic


Septembre 29, 2012 PORSCHE MOTORSPORT

Club meeting




October 6 & 7 2012  70's LEGEND

Live over again  the heyday of car racing on the speedway, October 6 and 7, 2012 with a commemorative event in motor racing. Porsches, Lolas, Ferraris and their drivers will rekindle the flame with the commemoration of the glorious years of motor racing in France.Three  grids, pre1980 racing cars: sports prototype, GTs, ...

Tribute to the famous “1000 km de Paris” race

Advance on-line booking


 one day ticket :15€,  week end ticket : 20€


club meeting



October 20, 2012 AUTODROME TRACK DAY


November 9, 10 &t 11 2012,  PORSCHE

Promotional meeting ,Porsche Sales Dep’t

Track laps, car show  and test drive


Extra info :

The road surfacing test has not proved satisfactory so the UTAC is conducting extra research in partnership with road construction companies  and the School of Civil Engineering. The concrete parts of the road circuit have been  coated with bitumen.


Photo UTAC

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28 avril 2011 4 28 /04 /avril /2011 20:42


Affiche AHF 2011 BD.JPG


 June 4, 2011


Contact : 



Party’s sky view


The Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry will celebrate on June 4th the 3rd edition of the Autodrome Heritage Festival. 500 cars pre 78 are already registered to celebrate one of the largest meeting of collection cars and motorcycles in the Paris’s suburb.


It lists no fewer than 50 international brands including motorcycles and auto Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Triumph, Morgan, Pontiac, Austin Healey, Porsche, Lynx, Jaguar, Facel - Vega, Alfa Romeo, Nissan, NSU, Simca, Enfield, MG Ford, Chevrolet, Talbot, Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Lotus or Riley, Dodge and many others. Collectors flock from across Europe to participate in this event: Belgian, British and German, friends of the Autodrome are ready to move to live a friendly day at the heart of the speed ring. Clubs are also present including clubs Honda, Triumph, Matra Club Passion, Club de France Fiat, Jaguar Enthusiasts'Club, Italian Cars, Spitfire and many others who will be part of the show to allow visitors to travel among multiple stages of the history of the automobile.


Visitors will be entertained all day long: a jazz band will provide the musical atmosphere. Blues, swing, jazz musical styles will part of their programming. Richard the pump man, will allow visitors to take photos in an original place: a vintage garage! The Joe Bar Team, straight from the comics will do demonstrations and stunts on the track. 38 R8 Gordini will flare up the track.



Among the new entertaining activities, visitors will take the pitch with a bucket and watch the bustle on the ground. A hot air balloon will make the game if time allows him to fly and offer the most panoramic view of the circuit. An experience not to be missed. The sky will also be animated by a biplane flying over the track several times in the day for a memorial to race cars against planes of the thirties.

Dizziness and vertigo guaranteed!  



To build on this day, UTAC offers gather around a dinner hosted by the awards presentation, dissemination of the best times of the day, unusual photos taken on the spot, with the conductor Galiffi Gregory, editor chef and host of Direct Auto. Many collectors will be rewarded in the evening for those attending. Different types of trophies, Michelin, UTAC Trophy, Trophy Renault and Citroen, Trophy Club, ... Michel Leclere, Jean Vinatier, Jean-Pierre Jaussaud, Ragnotti Jean Philippe Bugalski ... and many others will be celebrating for that sequence recognition.





On 4 June, no fewer than 300 cars are now already registered for the one-day show under the seal & the friendliness of automotive passion. Vintage cars, single-seaters, R8 Gordini, Frenche and foreign brands of motorcycles ... collectors will show off these finest bodywork for the delight of visitors expected.

divers 2790Autodrome Heritage Festival will continue into the evening with a gala dinner for the first time. This evening will be hosted by Gregory Galiffi, editor and host of Direct Auto, and will provide an opportunity to revisit the best moments in pictures of this third edition. This evening, reserved for collectors, will also be an opportunity to share special moments with personalities from the automotive world in a particularly pleasant area at dusk, in the heart of the speed ring. Jean Vinatier, Jean-Pierre Jaussaud, Michel Leclere and many other personalities will share this evening of friendship.

Booking on the site www.utac.com (calendrier) for 50 € per car. 


divers 2786 

For this third edition which will run until the end of the night, the partners are likely to participate in the event, as Citroen, faithful partner for 3 years. Citroen has decided to highlight the Ami 6 car. Denis Huille, Head of Heritage Citroën unveils the reasons of the partnership: "Citroen is very proud to take part into the Autodrome Heritage Festival and sponsor this event since the initiative. This is an excellent public relations tool for the brand. The receptive overlooks the track at the South chicane. Guests have a fantastic view on the circuit, which offers a show without interruption. The animations in 2011, will, among other things, be the presentation of some of the cars that make up the ranking of Sébastien Loeb, an exhibition of Ami 6 cars, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary and the presence of collectors of Citroen, 22 registered so far, the adventure is just beginning."

The manufacturer Renault is also a partner in this event with the participation of two departments, Renault Classic and Renault Sport, sponsors of the R8 Gordini session. 

competition 2726 L

animations 2807 


A day that seems too short to enjoy all the activities that will be offered: driving sessions all day, car and motorcycle shows on track, musical entertainment in the village, a pump attendant manic, animations air, a village, shops, collectors, two speakers, one day, one evening and remember dress code required!


If you want to come with a prewar car contact me.




Rendez-vous June 4, 2011 ...  



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6 avril 2011 3 06 /04 /avril /2011 22:21



For its 30th anniversary the MG Club of France is preparing a large meeting on the Linas-Montlhéry autodrome.


Saturday, May 14, 2011





Time table

8:30 a.m for those who will be staying at the Relais des Chartreux
departure for the Montléry autodrome

9:00 a.m. Beginning of the event (track laps,  shows, games...)

12:00 a.m  lunch at Montlhéry

2:00 p.m : track laps, shows, games

6:00 p.m: end of activities and return to the Relais des Chartreux

8:00 p.m gala evening to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the  Club


H MagnifiqueJ2venuedOrleans Img 0731 1200x800
The MG Club of France was created by a group of MG fans. It is Michel Loreille, who initially founded the club at the first Rétromobile show in 1981. In 1987 Eric Peru was elected President. The MG Marque brand is represented  on many circuits and rallies, it participated in the first Coupe de l’Age d’or and is always present at Rétromobile.


The MGCF has now over 750 members.




President of the Club of France MG
Philippe Aubry


I MllePaillas danslaTQ Img 0744 gamma160 1200x800


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22 mars 2011 2 22 /03 /mars /2011 00:00




Vintage Revival Montlhéry which will take place  in May 2011, will be one of the largest international meetings of pre-1940 vehicles, with participants from eight nations (Germany, England, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, USA)

This event which will certainly become essential, is organized in a place loaded with history, the legendary Linas-Montlhéry autodrome.

The grids which will consist of 260  two, three and four wheeled vehicles are already full. A  few spaces are still available in the paddock for exhibition and participation in the parade.
Over  500 pre-war vehicles and  many outstanding  cyclecars, three-wheelers,  Grand Sport and Racing cars will be present on the track together with splendid motorcycles that can be admired only on rare occasions.



With seven race bikes and an exceptional Napier-Railton 25- liter speed record car



With eight unique race bikes:
OEC compressor (Record), Zenith compressor ex J. Wright (Record), New Imperial OHC, Zenith Compressor Super KIM, Zenith 1000cc, OHV Victoria 500, New Hudson
Brooklands and the only OHC Sunbeam known to date.



With a magnificent replica built according to the original plans of the manufacturer of a rare Helvetica which will participate in a historical reconstitution of a motor paced cycling training session with the vehicles of the pioneers!

For more information visit http://www.vintage-revival.fr

You will also be able to admire cars which very rarely come out of their boxes and rest in private collections, such as a wonderful Type 59 Bugatti, an Alfa Romeo Monza, a grid of 25 Amilcars, including four C6 and two MCO, one of them having completed 16 speed records at Montlhéry, a swarm of 45 three-wheelers including a rare four-wheel Yrsan and its Sandford counterpart, as well the Team Nougier motor cycles and many other amazing machines from various eras.

You will find all the photos at : http://www.vintage-revival.fr


Speakers :  

Partners and Sponsors
· PREWARCAR (Trophies)
· WHEELS MOTOR SERVICE (rims and tires)

   Shopping village

  WINDING · KLEIN (magneto repairs)
· MECASOUD (mechanics, carburetor, cylinder heads)
  A LA  BELLE EPOQUE (car body)
· WHEELS MOTOR SERVICE (rims and tires)

Entry fees  
1 day 15 €
2 days 20 €
No ticket sales on site (only via website)

Paddock exhibition
( 1 vehicle  and 2 people) 25 € / W-end.

Friday, May 6, gates open for installation of participants from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday May 7 & Sunday May 8
Gates open to visitors and participants from 07:00 to 12:00

No entries in the afternoon
Leaving : any time of day until 7:pm
End of  event and opening of gates from 5:00 pm to7:00 pm




Vincent CHAMON

Association President Vintage Revival

28, Rue de la Rotonde 58000 NEVERS France

URL: www.vintage-revival.fr




Vincent CHAMON

Président de l'association Vintage Revival

28, Rue de la Rotonde  58000 NEVERS France

Web : www.vintage-revival.fr

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21 mars 2011 1 21 /03 /mars /2011 14:14



On Saturday September 10th, on a late summer’s day, you can experience the meeting of two legends – between one of the world’s oldest racetracks, Montlhery, and the most fabulous manufacturer of sports cars, which has been present in competitions for sixty years: w. Last year, on a sunny day, the most beautiful 6, 8 and 12 cylinder models from all eras – from the 250 GTO to the ENZO – were tested on the racetrack’s spectacular elevated curves – much to their drivers’ delight. This is, however, much more than a racetrack day, with a high quality reception for the whole family (children are welcome). You can also invite your friends to join you, for an exclusive automobile experience, only 25 km from Paris.





NB: this year, we are proposing a package without laps (the SCUDERIA pass) for those who wish to share the event’s atmosphere without going round the racetrack. Pass holders will, however, be able to take part in the parade which will bring together all the Ferrari for a memorable photo on the racetrack’s ring.



• Welcome from 9 a.m. onwards.
• Exhibition of the FERRARIS.
• 5 sessions of free laps, for a total of more than 1 hr 30 on the 3,405 km competition track – driving on the legendary ring with the elevated curves.
• Open-bar and grand Italian buffet next to the FERRARIS.


rallystory programme rendez vous ferrari2011 Page 33


RALLY STORY organisation 


Program and regulations


Entry form 


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17 mars 2011 4 17 /03 /mars /2011 19:39



The next ‘Coupes de Printemps’ will take place on Saturday 26th March 2011 at the famous Autodrome de Montlhéry,close to Paris.

Once again, this friendly track-day will use the 3.3-kilometre track, which includes the banking and its three chicanes.We are delighted to welcome two partners this year with BRM (Bernard Richards Manufacture), who will award one of their stunning watches to the overall winner of the Coupes de Printemps in 2011, and the well established French insurer TEA-CEREDE,who has been specializing in classic car insurance since 1960.


This is a social event to enjoy the very historical venue without any notion of competition and no times will be recorded. To keep a period feel to the event, cars will be accepted up to Pre-1972.


The program will be as follows

8H - 9H: Welcome breakfast

9H: Briefing

10H - 12H: Track time

12H - 14H: Lunch

14H - 18H: Track time

18H10: Prize-giving


Cars will be divided into three groups running consecutively throughout the day. There are strict regulations, both in terms of safety and noise, to be able to access Montlhéry,which we would ask each person who participates to respect. Therefore, we will have to have the names of each person entering the site and all car must be silenced to be allowed to run.


If you would like to take part in the‘Coupes de Printemps’on 26th March 2011, please fill entry form. Each entry is for one car and two people, to include a picnic lunch. It will not be possible to purchase supplementary lunches, guests may bring their own extra picnics. If you would like to enter several cars, please note that you will benefit from a reduced rate for your additional entries.


Each person taking part on the track, whether as a driver, or as a passenger, is required to sign the enclosed entry form. Everybody involved needs to be detailed on the formin order to enter the site upon arrival in the morning.


Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact

Flavien Marçais

by email - flavienmarcais@hotmail.fr

or by telephone +33 (0) 662.43.64.30


46, avenue du Président Wilson

75116 Paris





BRM (Bernard Richards Manufacture)



TEA Cérède 



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4 février 2011 5 04 /02 /février /2011 17:35

logo autodreamThe second edition of  the Autodrome Heritage Festival, will take place on June 4, 2011 and the Autodream Montlhéry Club, is putting together a group of vehicles to recreate the atmosphere of the racetrack as it was between 1924 and 1949. Affiche AHF 2011 BD.JPG
This is why we are putting together several  dozens of vehicles prewar : buses, cars, cycle cars, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, ... (the only  mixed group) from  1920 to 1949, with participants in period dress.
Join our group by contacting us to obtain  the club code, if you know of people or clubs who would like to participate please send me an e-mail : memoireenroute@free.fr

for pre booking and obtain our code club.

Attention ! The number of participants is limited so book early!
All sorts and marques of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, from 1918 to 1949, are eligible.  Participants will have to be dressed in  period dress.

Vehicle registration (remember you must obtain the club code first)

1 - open the calendar page
2 - click  4 June 2011 in “les événements 2011”
3 - find the link at the bottom of the text
       click: “COLLECTIONNEUR  - Accès au formulaire d’inscription”  
In " description du véhicule" 

select Auto (even for motorcycles mopeds and bicycles  in our group)
In "Plateaux"
Select Clubs
enter your club code in the top right corner, (contact me for obtain our code club)

In “commentaire” state    "Groupe années 20 Autodream de Pascal"

The basic fee which includes  two meals and access to the circuit  is €50.00 for clubs and individuals.  A special rate will be applied to bikes not running on the track.
Attention! Each participant including the driver must also possess an access ticket  (€.15.00 before the end of March, €20.00 after that date).




Spectators must also buy access tickets (€15.00 by the end of March,  €20.00 after that date) Tickets can be obtained from Fnac ,Carrefour etc… booking services. (As this is a private event, no tickets will be sold at the entrance).  

Direct links to the booking services for spectator tickets :



DSCN2022LOur group will include  a 1934 TN4H bus, a pre-war Derny moped and racing bicycle is also expected , a 1946 power tandem, accessories and period set, music, and many more surprises ... All ideas are welcome..


You and your family are very welcome to join our group for a good time in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Our group is strongly inspired by pre-war races and events and by the atmosphere that reigned during the heyday of the race track. This event should help to revive that time.




Our group will distinguish itself  by a larger part of historical reconstitution in which participants  will play a major part. Occasional  musical breaks will  add a touch of realism. There will also be an exhibition stand on the spot.

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31 janvier 2011 1 31 /01 /janvier /2011 11:41

CP-GTP-28-01-2011_Page_1.jpgPrestige in a select group


Because driving around Linas Montlhéry mythical track is a treat, fifty cars (not one more) will be privileged to participate in the 2nd edition of the GT Prestige, the supercar and prestigious car meeting at Montlhéry Autodrome.


On May 28, GTs,supercars and exceptional cars will have access to the old 3.405 km circuit, a unique combination of tracks in France.


Select group means a tailor made meeting: various possibilities will be offered to make sure that each participant enjoys a totally personalized day. Full day, half day, with or without passengers, each participant can choose what suits him/her best. Professional instructors will be present to complete this tailor made meeting. These highly qualified  professionals will provide each driver with personalized advice and driving tricks.


Cars totalling 4065 HP are already registered. Audi R8, Ferrari Enzo,  Ford GT 500, Porsche will be there.


This exceptional grid will be completed by the Club Scuderia members who have decided to join the event to make it a very special day in their calendar.


A word with Karim Bentala, President of the Club Scuderia:


What is the idea behind the Club Scuderia ?

Above all the Club Scuderia is a "cavallino rampante" fan club. We deliberately want the club to be open to share this common love. It was created in March 2010 and it already counts 150 members. We are very keen on keeping a friendly, relaxed and informal atmosphere. Each event is an opportunity to meet and share this common love, to discover the world of Ferraris by accessing symbolic places of the history of the marque such as Maranello but also to keep in touch with current events by visiting the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.


Why did the Club Scuderia decide to become a partner in the GT  Prestige in 2011 ?


We were privileged to participate in the first GT Prestige edition in 2010. It was a very pleasant day and it became obvious that we had to offer it  to our members as an open event which combines such advantages as a restricted number of participants, coaching by qualified professionals, vicinity of Paris, access to a mythical place such as the magical 3.405 km circuit.


Our partnership goes beyond just attending the meeting. We are happy to see that the track which is a part of  the history of  automobile is coming to life again  and we are really proud to offer such a playground to our members. This is a rare opportunity to promote such a historical and exceptional place. Driving at Montlhéry is a unique experience which is impossible to recount, it has to be lived. 



To what extent is the GT Prestige  a highlight in your calendar ?


It is not only one of the major events in the club calendar, it also meets perfectly well the club values : simplicity, availability and security.


More info on the club : www.club-scuderia.fr


Watch the  GT Prestige at  


 Réalisation R.Com Production - www.motorcollectors.tv


Registration at  www.utac.com rubrique CALENDRIER


UTAC - Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry - BP 20212

91311 Montlhéry Cedex – France


Département Communication – Contact Presse : manon.enoc@utac.com

Tél :  00 33 1 69 80 34 26

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