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This blog is run by  Patrimoine Sportif et Mécanique, an association working to keep alive the memory of the Autodrome of Linas Montlhéry. It wishes to make more people aware of the historical importance of this famous track.
We are trying to rally all those, individuals and organizations alike, who feel that the Autodrome is really an historical place and that everything should be done to gather and preserve documents about its history. Our goal is to try to set up a spot where documents and other archives about the Autodrome could be preserved and shown.
This blog is open to all those who would like to contribute to this noble cause. We will publish here all information and news about the Autodrome, its founders and its many users over the years.
You can contribute by adding your documents, pictures, stories. It is vital that all those who would have original and unknown documents make them available.
Our dedicated team will guarantee the quality and the contents of this site



15 septembre 2008 1 15 /09 /septembre /2008 13:45

For the second time the mythical Reims track, created in 1925 and idle for several years, was again opened to historic cars last Week End.
Participants have been able to drive the 7,1 Km circuit several times Saturday and Sunday and have offered a nice show to the many spectators who came though the weather was terrible on Saturday.
On Sunday, a bright sun tried to dry the parking lots mud.

More than 200 cars and 60 motorcycles were driven on the track. From a veteran Léon Bollée to a Ferrari GTO. Several Bugatti, 37, 35B were present, competing against Alvis, Bentleys and Amilcar.

Highlight of the day was certainly to be able to see Hans Hermann driving the winning Mercédès Benz W 196R of 1954 around a track where he was present 54 years ago with a similar car.
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11 octobre 2007 4 11 /10 /octobre /2007 17:51





The Autodrome of Linas-Montlhéry exceptionnaly opened on September 6 and 7 to welcome all Citroën fans.

This meeting was organized by CitroPassion, an association gathering owners of Citroën cars and trucks. UTAC, the owner of the Autodrome, agreed to welcome Citroën cars and their owners on the track to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the speed records set up by the Rosalie on the mythical banking designed by Raymond Jamin in 1923.
The sun was present at this party which saw hundreds of Citroën of every type coming from all over Europe to celebrate the Rosalie and to have a chance to drive on the track where their precursors had run days after nights to beat world records. Some of them have not yet been beaten! Such as the record run by “Petite Rosalie” from March 15th to July 27th 1933. After 133 days and nights of hard driving it was stopped at 298.298,902 km, which was rounded to 300.000 km for publicity purposes.

Unfortunately the original cars have been destroyed or lost. But a few very well made replicas were present at the meeting and were driven by their owner/builder on the very same track as in the 30s. Some more recents Citroën racing cars were also present, such as a special 2CV which had set up records in the 50s. There was also a very special DS, racing SM and the latest racing cars from the Citroën stable.
The Citroën factory had created a small museum within the Montlhéry track, exhibiting the main cars produced by André Citroën before WWII.

Jean Pierre Beltoise came to support the efforts of Patrimoine Sportif et Mécanique, an association working to keep alive the memory of the Autodrome.
All participants really appreciated these two days. Extending their most sincere thanks to UTAC and CitroPassion, they hope this event will not be a last chance but the first of many to come.

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21 juin 2007 4 21 /06 /juin /2007 21:37


Fangio's Mercedes W196 “Streamliner” - winner of the 1954 French GP at Reims will star once more there this September

DaimlerChrysler France have underlined their commitment to the “1st Week-End of L'Excellence Automobile” organised by Franz Hummel and his team. They have invited F1 star Jean Alesi to demonstrate Fangio's W196 Streamliner, one of the classic GP cars of all time. It was in this very car that he won the world championship twice - in 1954 and 1955 (photos enclosed)
At the end of the month we will be pleased to forward to you the final entry application as well as the regulation with the French Federation of Motorsport approval (F.F.S.A.).

Further details on this event can be found on our web site www.weea-organisation.com


The Organisation

B.P 152
74404 Chamonix  Mont-Blanc  Cedex
Tél : + 33 (0) 450 55 93 92
Email : info@weea-organisation.com

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14 juin 2007 4 14 /06 /juin /2007 22:12
EVENEMENT : les 6 et 7 octobre 2007 

Sur l'Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry, dans le cadre de la Fête de la Propulsion. 

Une exposition évoquera plus de 80 ans de l'histoire de cet autodrome. Il est un des dernier représentant au monde des autodromes à virage relevé du début du siècle et un des plus exceptionnel par son architecture. L'action de l' U.T.A.C a permis la préservation jusqu'à nos jours de ce patrimoine unique, témoin d'un siècle de prestige de l'industrie automobile Européenne. Au travers de très nombreux documents d'époque inédits et de grande qualité, cette exposition fera revivre les grands moments de ce lieu mythique et des personnages qui y ont contribué. Des pilotes et personnalités importantes viendront y faire partager leurs souvenirs, des spécialistes et historiens commenteront cette fabuleuse épopée, des films d'époques seront projetés. 

Programme de l'exposition : 

L'ART et L'Autodrome 
             Ce lieu magique vue par les artistes au travers de leurs oeuvres : dessins, peintures, photos et textes. 
Les laboratoires et l'Autodrome 
             Du laboratoire Citroën à L'UTAC. 
Les centres de formations et d'entrainement 
             Formations militaires, Formations de pilotes, Formations d'Auto Ecole 
L'armée et l'Autodrome 
             Les camps militaires. 
La construction de l'Autodrome et ses débuts 
             De 1924 à 1930. La période de guerre et la reconstruction De 1939 à 1957.
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